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Centralia Workers Compensation Lawyer

Seasoned Centralia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Pursues the Financial Benefits Needed by Injured Workers in Lewis County and Throughout Washington State

In Centralia, employees who are hurt at work or who develop occupational diseases are legally entitled to receive certain financial benefits through the workers’ compensation system. These benefits are designed to help an employee recover from their injury or illness so that they can return to work. Unfortunately, too many injured or ill workers face obstacles in getting the benefits they deserve under the law. When you are having trouble getting benefits after a work injury or occupational disease, a Centralia workers’ compensation lawyer from Smith Duran Law can advocate for your interests.

If you have been injured on the job or have been diagnosed with an occupational disease, reach out to us for a free initial consultation with a Centralia workers’ compensation lawyer to learn more about how our firm can assist you with getting the financial benefits you deserve. 

Who Can Obtain Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Most employees in Washington state who work for a covered employer can obtain workers’ compensation benefits if they sustain an injury or develop a disease or medical condition in the course and scope of the employee’s work. Covered employers include any employer that has at least one employee. Even part-time, seasonal, or under-18 employees can obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Certain categories of employees are exempted from workers’ compensation coverage, including:

  • A domestic worker in a private home that employees no more than two such workers, who do not work more than 40 hours per week
  • Gardening, maintenance, and repair workers for private homes
  • Minor children employed by their parents on the family farm
  • Musicians and entertainers who perform for certain events
  • Employees who are otherwise covered by federal workers’ compensation laws, including federal civil servants, seamen, longshoremen and harbor workers, and railroad workers

Employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation coverage for their employees through the state fund that is administered by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. However, certain large employers (those with more than $25 million in assets) have the option of being certified by L&I to self-insure for workers’ compensation coverage and do not need to purchase coverage from the state fund. 

What Does Workers’ Compensation Provide?

Centralia Workers Compensation Lawyer

In Washington State, the workers’ compensation can provide an employee who has suffered a work injury or occupational disease with certain financial benefits. At Smith Duran Law, a Centralia workers’ compensation lawyer will make sure that you receive all the benefits that you need for your recovery, including:

  • Medical benefits, which pay for reasonable and necessary treatment and rehabilitation of a covered work injury or occupational disease
  • Reimbursement for certain travel to and from medical appointments or procedures
  • Reimbursement of personal property damaged or destroyed in a workplace accident
  • Partial wage replacement for time that you miss work while recovering from a work injury or occupational disease
  • Benefit payments for a permanent partial disability
  • Pension benefits for permanent total disability that renders you unable to work
  • Vocational training and counseling to help get you in a new job if you cannot return to your old one

Let a Centralia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer from Smith Duran Law Demand Benefits for You after You Have Been Injured on the Job

When you have a workers’ comp claim for a work injury or occupational disease, a Centralia workers’ compensation lawyer from Smith Duran Law can help you obtain the full scope of benefits you may be entitled to under the Washington State workers’ compensation system. Turn to our firm for help with:

  • Gathering documents and information you will need to file your workers’ compensation claim
  • Preparing and filing your claim with L&I or your employer
  • Understanding your rights to benefits
  • Protesting or appealing adverse decisions on your workers’ comp claim to get you the benefits you deserve

Contact Our Firm for a Free Case Review to Learn How a Centralia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Make a Difference in Your Claim

Don’t wait to get started on your workers’ compensation claim. You have limited time to seek benefits to help you through your recovery from a work injury or occupational disease. Contact Smith Duran Law today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to discuss your eligibility and legal options under Washington State’s workers’ compensation system. 

About Centralia, WA

Centralia is a city located in Lewis County, Washington, on the Interstate 5 corridor approximately midway between Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Centralia is twinned with adjacent Chehalis, with both cities located south of the meeting point of the Chehalis and Newaukum Rivers. Centralia was established as the town of Centerville in 1872 following the establishment of the Northern Pacific Railroad, before being renamed Centralia in 1883. As the area’s coal and lumber industries declined in the early 20th century, Centralia redeveloped to focus its economy on retail, lodging, tourism, and shipping and warehousing, leading to a population boom over the last couple of decades.

Frequently Asked Questions about Workers’ Compensation in Centralia

How long do I have to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Under Washington State’s workers’ compensation law, you are required to file your report of accident for a work injury within one year of the date of suffering the injury. If you are filing a claim for an occupational disease, you must file your report with L&I or your self-insured employer within two years of the date that your doctor diagnoses the condition and identifies it as work-related. If your workers’ comp claim is not timely filed, you can lose your eligibility to receive benefits.

Does it matter who was at fault for my work injury or occupational disease?

No. In Washington State, workers’ compensation is considered a “no-fault” system. This means you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whether or not your employer had any fault in causing your work injury or occupational disease. However, if a third party outside of your employer bears responsibility for your injury or disease, you may also have the right to file a personal injury claim in addition to seeking workers’ comp benefits.

  • Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

    The Department of Labor and Industries manages claims for injuries at work. You are entitled to money for lost wages, medical treatment, vocational retraining, loss of body function, and in some cases a pension.

  • Personal Injury Attorney

    If your injury was caused by someone other than a co‑worker, an auto accident, or defective equipment, you may be entitled to additional compensation. Our personal injury attorney in Tacoma will evaluate your case.

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